Can you rename Nightbot on Twitch? Nightbot is the name given to the bot by the Twitch streamer that owns it. While there is no way to change this name, you can change the bot’s userlevel, cooldown, and title. If you’d like to change the bot’s name, you can follow the instructions below. But first, let’s go over the basics of renaming a bot.

Changing the Stream TITLE & GAME

You can change the title and game of your stream on Twitch. This way, anyone can see the name of your stream. Changing the name of the stream is simple and you can also change the category and game title if you want. But be careful, because the game title is public information, so make sure to use a safe option, like Nightbot. It is recommended to use it when you’re broadcasting games on Twitch.

If you’re new to Twitch, you should know how to use Nightbot. To make use of it, add the Nightbot channel to your Twitch account and run a chat command with it. Once you’ve done so, Nightbot will display the command you’ve run. To change the title or game of your stream, enter the command below. Make sure to check the options that apply to your stream before using the command.

Adding a custom command

To add a custom command to your Nightbot, you can create one yourself. You’ll need to first enable user access to the Nightbot dashboard. There are many options for creating custom commands. Once the user has access, you can add a command and set its visibility. In this guide, we’ll discuss how to add a shoutout command to your Nightbot. You’ll also find out how to add a custom command to Nightbot.

A nightbot command can be used to add your social media accounts. It will load a link to your Twitter or Instagram profile so you can engage with your audience. You’ll be able to change the tag, award viewers, or give them roles. You can also share a link to your Twitter or YouTube channels through a Nightbot command. You can even customize your Nightbot to display your custom links!

Changing the bot’s userlevel

Changing the userlevel of a Nightbot is quite easy and is a great way to reward patrons for using the bot. This feature is available in the Nightbot backend, 516. To change the userlevel, click on the edit icon. In the following section, you will learn how to change the userlevel of your bot. To do this, go to Settings -> Bot – Changing the userlevel.

Changing the bot’s cooldown

Changing the bot’s cooldown allows you to change the number of seconds it waits between commands. A bot’s cooldown is a useful way to control the spamming that can occur when a command requires calling other APIs. The bot must have access to emoji to understand these types of commands. It can also be used to change the cooldown of income commands such as work, crime, slut, and rob. If you have several income commands, you can use the set-cooldown command to customize their cooldowns. A similar command can be used to change the cooldown of game commands, which means you can change the number of times the bot will perform each command.