Does Fallout 76 have in game chat? Well, yes and no. Here are some of the features you’ll need to know. What’s more, you can mute your opponent or listen to radio DJ. In addition, there are also some tips you’ll want to know. Hopefully, Bethesda will fix the voice chat issues before Fallout 76 launches. However, until then, there’s nothing to stop you from having fun in the beta.

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Text chat

The new Fallout 76 is coming soon, and that means text chat! However, Bethesda hasn’t yet added the feature to the game. Text chat is currently only available on PC, and all players must install a mod to enable it. Here are some of the things that make text chat in Fallout 76 so great! We hope you enjoy the new feature! And don’t forget to tell other Fallout fans about it!

Text chat in Fallout 76 is a feature that PC gamers have asked for since the game’s release. The absence of microphones has led many players to opt for text chat. While this option does seem odd, it’s not entirely unreasonable. Fallout 76 players are generally drawn to solo exploration and are wary of other players, so it’s no surprise that many players keep to themselves and avoid using microphones.

Text chat in Fallout 76 is not as limited as in other games, such as The Elder Scrolls V. It is possible to text chat with players within 100 meters. To prevent others from using the feature, you can turn off global text chat or block anyone who uses it. You can scroll through the history of the chats you’ve had with other players. And, of course, you can also block people who use text chat, so you can communicate with them without bothering them.


If you’re constantly interrupted by other players in Fallout 76, you may be wondering how to turn off in game chat. While this is not a reported offense, it may lead to a player avoiding other teammates. Luckily, there’s an easy way to silence a chat in game. Simply head to the Social menu and switch the setting to mute. The next time you want to speak to another player, you can simply turn off the chat by pressing “Mute”.

The new update for Fallout 76 introduces a number of changes to the voice chat system. Players can now easily muffle their voice when they’re not using it, and the Caps Lock key has been remapped to the speaking key. This update also brings in many C.A.M.P. improvements to the game. In order to enable the mute function, players can access the Settings menu from the game.

You can mute other players by selecting their profile from the user selector. Once you have selected the user you wish to mute, you can either click on their name, or press the microphone icon. You can also turn off voice chat by going to the Control Panel and selecting the option. Remember that once you’ve muted a user, they won’t be able to talk to you again, but you can easily turn it back on in the same menu.

Radio DJ

The Fallout 76 Radio DJ is one of the new features in the game. The AI radio host is named John Henry Eden. The purpose of the station is to provide news and information, not high-energy music. Think of Enclave Radio as the game’s version of NPR minus the unbias. But of course, it makes perfect sense in a post-apocalyptic world.

Since the introduction of the Fallout radio stations in the first game, players have been able to tune into their favorite stations. These stations often featured songs and classical music from the mid-1900s. The Fallout games have also included a variety of unique compositions from this period. Sadly, the Fallout 76 Radio DJ will not feature a DJ. Luckily, the radio will have other options to customize its content.