If you’re wondering if you should place your game preorders online, you’re not alone. There’s a new preorder policy that allows you to get a full refund within 48 hours. Whether or not you can actually get your money back depends on what your circumstances are. To get the best possible refund policy, you should first contact GameStop directly. You can find out more by reading this article.

GameStop’s new preorder policy allows customers to get a full refund within a certain time limit

Previously, if you are unhappy with a preordered item, you can still get a full refund. But with the new GameStop preorder policy, customers will be able to get a refund in cash within a certain time limit. The new policy also gives GameStop the chance to recover some of its losses and regain consumer confidence.

Because the company’s preorder policy changed in 2013, the process for requesting a refund has become easier. GameStop now lets customers cancel their orders online, by phone, or through email. In-store cancellations are also possible. In some cases, GameStop will need to delay the refund process. However, this does not affect the refund process if the game arrives late.

As long as you return the product in a sealed and unused condition, you can get a full refund within a certain amount of time. Refunds can take anywhere from five to seven business days. The refund policy also covers pre-owned items. The timeframe for returning pre-owned items is the same as for new purchases. The company is happy to accept refunded items within a reasonable amount of time.

For pre-ordered items, GameStop ships them the day before the release date. GameStop will e-mail customers a confirmation once their order ships. If you are unhappy with the pre-ordered item, you can also return it in-store for a full refund within seven days of its release date. The company will also charge you for the shipping costs if you pick up the item in person.

GameStop holds pre-orders for 48 hours

GameStop holds pre-orders for games for at least 48 hours before the release date. This tactic is beneficial to the gaming company as they can sell a product to customers in bulk and profit from the extra orders. Typically, people purchase a high-demand game in bulk and it goes off the shelf within hours of release. GameStop also has a monopoly on the gaming industry, which can benefit them from holding onto pre-orders for 48 hours.

It’s a common misconception that GameStop holds pre-orders for more than 48 hours. In reality, this doesn’t apply to all retailers. Amazon also has a 48-hour rule. The longer the item is held, the higher its price. However, if the demand is high, GameStop will hold pre-orders for longer than 48 hours. In this way, the store can earn a much larger profit than if it had only sold one piece.

You don’t have to wait for your game to come out of production. Pre-ordered games can be picked up at a GameStop store the same day they go on sale, or they can be picked up on the next business day. Typically, GameStop orders are held for at least 48 hours before they hit stores, but sometimes this is not possible. Therefore, you can either pick up your pre-order on the day it’s released, or you can call ahead and arrange pickup at your local GameStop store.

GameStop charges for pre-orders

If you want to purchase a video game but cannot afford to pay the full price, you can still pre-order it from GameStop. The company processes orders in about 24 hours and ships them in time for early access. Generally, GameStop ships out pre-orders two days before the game’s release. You can choose to pre-order a game online for pre-sale or pick it up in-store.

When ordering a game through GameStop, you have to enter your payment information. You’ll be prompted to enter a credit card number and password, and after you’ve submitted payment, you’ll receive an e-mail confirming your purchase. After you’ve confirmed your payment, you can pick up your game in-store for 48 hours. You will be charged for your pre-order at the time of pickup.

After confirming your credit card number, you can then sign up for GameStop’s email list. Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive a code by email. You’ll need to provide this code on receipt or within two business days. If you don’t receive it, contact GameStop’s customer support department for more information. They’ll help you track your pre-order, including the expected delivery date.