Can you add friends on Subway Surfers 2022?

The game has six players. The game may be played by two to six people online, off-line, on the same phone, or through bluetooth. Invite your Facebook friends to join in the fun.

Why can’t I see my friends on Subway Surfers?

The ‘Settings’ tab in Subway Surfers will tell you whether you are signed in to Facebook. If your friend(s) isn’t logged into Facebook, check to make sure they are. In the event that you do not see your buddy competing in Top Run, make sure that you are competing in the same nation. Changes to this setting may be made in the Preferences menu.

How do you get 30x on Subway Surfers?

Increase the power of your multiplier by accumulating points. For every task you complete, you’ll get a permanent one-to-thirty percent boost in multiplier. Assuming you’ve got a full multiplier, your score will be 30 times more than it typically is.

How do you unlock everything on Subway Surfers?

A total of 29 characters are available for use on the game’s racetracks. These characters may be unlocked by spending coins, keys, money, performing missions, or using character tokens in the Me area at the bottom of the home screen.

How do you get free boombot on Subway Surfers?

You can get Boombot for free if you play Subway Surfers. You’ll need to spend real money in the Store to get the breakdancing robot. Boombot will be unlocked for you in the game after you’ve successfully completed a purchase.

What does x2 mean on Subway Surfers?

In Subway Surfers, the 2x Multiplier is a special power-up. Doubles the scoring multiplier when picked up, giving the player twice as many points in a certain length of time.

Who holds the world record for Subway Surfers?

What is the current top score for Subway Surfers? The greatest score in Subway Surfers now stands at 2,000,001,660, with Karim Mayur holding the record.

Can you beat Subway Surfers?

Is there ever an end to the subway surfer? Unlike Temple Run, you can’t get beyond here.

How do you unlock dinosaurs in Subway Surfers?

Subway Surfers’ Dino can only be unlocked by logging in with your Facebook account. In order to acquire Dino as a freebie when you sign up for Facebook, you must do so. After connecting to Facebook, please use the contact form below if Dino is still restricted.

Who is Jake in Subway Surfers?

The protagonist and commander of the Subway Surfers is Jake (Jacob) Bressler.

How do you use the jetpack in Subway Surfers?

It is possible to leap while in the air and land farther than merely dropping from the jetpack, as well as landing on areas you can’t typically reach or even on trains while using a Jetpack.

How much money did Subway Surfers make?

Subway Surfers has generated more than $80 million in sales since its introduction, according to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence projections. Subway Surfers was released on the App Store in May 2012, and it has since become one of the most popular mobile games.

What is powerups in Subway Surfers?

Power-Ups are in-game goods that can boost a character’s existing abilities or provide them new ones. Coin Magnets, Jetpacks, and Super Sneakers are four of the game’s most powerful upgrades.

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