How fast is Goku MPH?

Goku’s strength levels are estimated by Kakarot to be approximately 10 billion in the Babidi Saga. Without Instant Transmission, Goku can go 22.321 trillion MPH (or 33.314 times the speed of light) at a distance.

Can Goku beat Naruto full power?

Naruto’s characters, on the other hand, have never shown this degree of strength. If Goku chose to, he could theoretically devastate the whole universe. While Naruto’s abilities are remarkable and adaptable, they fall short of Goku’s in terms of raw force.

How fast is Goku Mui in MPH?

Mastered Ultra Instinct by Goku Goku’s basic speed is about 2,231.1 MPH, assuming that power and speed are correlated as they have been throughout the series.

Can Madara defeat Goku?

Goku was certain to win. A strike or scratch on Goku would be an accomplishment for Madara, even if he were an obsessive fan of Naruto. DBZ characters may be immune to genjutsu, but Goku is doomed if that is the case, since locking eyes with Madara will be the end of the game.

Is Goku stronger than flash?

Goku may be quick, but the Flash has access to the Speed Force and may use it to his advantage in any combat. When Goku enters the Speed Force, his strength increases dramatically, allowing him to defeat the villain. It’s clear that Goku can’t keep up with the Flash’s lightning-fast attacks.

Can Goku withstand a black hole?

No. Regardless of what Goku throws at it, the black hole would swallow it up. Black holes typically disintegrate over extended periods of time, but Goku would have to use antimatter or reverse the particle flow to really destroy it.

Can Goku lift Thor’s hammer?

Due of the many parallels between Goku and Mjolnir, Goku is a fitting successor to Thor’s hammer Mjolnir.

How fast is Whis in mph?

Whis in MUI can travel 844,800,000 MPH at a standstill, according to this calculation. If time were measured in miles per second, Whis would be able to travel at a speed of 3,041,280,000,000 miles per second. He should be able to propel himself forwards by 3,041,280,000,000 seconds if time were moving normally.

How fast is flash in mph?

Allen’s maximum speed, as shown in The Flash, is Mach 3.3, or 2,532 mph. Barry is more than just a speed demon; he has the ability to travel between time and realms by using the Speed Force, an extra-dimensional energy source.

Can Goku destroy a universe?

Son Goku is a possible global danger, according to evidence from both the manga and anime, and he would have no difficulty destroying a world or many of them at his present level of strength.

Who is the fastest in Dragon Ball?

Burter is the first character in the series to refer to himself as the Fastest in the Universe, followed by Beerus’ servant Whis in Dragon Ball Super.

Is Superman faster than Goku?

There is little difference between the abilities of Superman and Goku in terms of speed, power, and durability. Goku, on the other hand, has an advantage over Superman because of his skill in martial arts. It’s possible that Superman had some training, but it hasn’t been documented to the same degree as Goku’s. I’d say it’s a 50/50 split.

Who wins Goku or one punch man?

As a result, Saitama’s ability to despatch Dragon Level Threats quickly falls short of expectations in terms of both skill and understanding. As a consequence of his victory against One Punch Man’s Saitama, Goku has won the gold medal for having the finest combat IQ.

Who can defeat Goku?

By using raw power, SAITAMA (ONE PUNCH MAN) can defeat Goku.