How do you get into BitLife college?

You may go to college and major in either English, Psychology, or Math after you’ve matured enough to have completed high school. Then you may go to graduate school by picking the “seek higher education” option after you’ve graduated from college for a few years.

Can you hook up with your teacher in BitLife?

Actions of a teacher or professor A 16 percent drop in happiness is the result of this. Flirting, even if it’s only for college students, is illegal if you’re under the age of 18 since it’s considered a sexual act and sex with minors is also illegal.

What is the youngest age you can drop out of school in BitLife?

At the age of 15, you are eligible to leave high school and begin the process of obtaining a GED.

Why do I keep getting rejected from graduate school in BitLife?

University will be your character’s next step after high school or a community college degree. List of majors and the higher education options you may pursue with the major: They will be immediately denied if they apply to a school that does not fit their major.

Can you date minors in Bitlife?

Datiing a child A player may encounter this problem if they are above the age of consent or if the person they are seeing is under this limit (it varies by country). Before you attempt to date them, the game will give you a heads-up.

How do I get better grades in Bitlife?

Your IQ will soar when you finish a book. In general, the more pages you read, the more in-depth the content becomes. “Study Harder” is not enough to ensure excellent scores. Another option for accessing books is to go to the library.

How do I become a Bitlife Professor?

To work as a Professor in the game, you don’t necessarily need prior teaching experience (such as being a History Teacher), but you must have 10 years of work experience (again, make sure it’s relevant to your course and not menial or entertainment-related) before applying for employment as a Professor.

How do I start a rumor in BitLife?

The “start a rumour” option under the relationship tab allows you to create a rumour about someone. To utilise this feature, you will first need a buddy. To make this happen, just shower them with presents and do pleasant things for them.

How do you join the goth clique in BitLife?

In order to join the Goth clique, you must satisfy two basic conditions, in addition to being a student. In order to be accepted, you must first have a poor sense of self-esteem, and second, you must have low self-esteem. The Goth Clique may be found under Bitlife’s School menu if you’ve mastered them both.

Why is BitLife 17?

Why is BitLife 17+, anyway? Since this software is for those above the age of 17, it has topics that are not appropriate for younger users. BitLife is a violent, sexually explicit, drug and alcohol-related, and gambling-related video game that is not recommended for children.

Can you be 21 in high school?

In the United States, you may only attend high school until the age of 21, after which you must attend an adult high school. A high school diploma isn’t the only option for those who don’t want to go through the GED(r) exam.

How do I become a superintendent of BitLife?

Waiting for promotion to principal is all you need to do now. To become an assistant superintendent, one must first become a principal. You’ll be superintendent in a few years if you keep working hard.

How can I study law in BitLife?

Before you may apply to law school, you must first complete a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. Upon reaching the age of 18, you have the option of applying to college or taking a break from school. Choosing a university major like English, Politics, or History can allow you to pursue a career in a variety of fields.

How do you marry a famous person on BitLife?

Those who want to marry into a royal family in BitLife should prioritise their rise to fame before pursuing that goal. Fans should be on the lookout for positions like Puppeteer, Singer, and Voiceover Actor, which may help attain this goal.

How do you become a deacon at BitLife?

It’s insane to insist on absolute celibacy as a way of life. When you’re old enough to do so, you should apply for the position of Deacon. An apprentice priest is required to begin the process of ascending the levels. Once you’ve reached the rank of Deacon, all you have to do is keep pressing ‘Work Hard’ until you achieve the next promotion level.