How do you become a male born in NJ in BitLife?

Simply create a character, pick Man as your gender, then select the United States and New Jersey as your birthplace to be born a male in New Jersey. At an early age, you’ll need to learn to play a musical instrument and learn to sing in order to become a renowned solo artist in BitLife.

How do you get a haunted house in BitLife?

Relators may be found by going to the go shopping page and selecting any home with the word “haunted” in its name. BitLife’s paranormal challenge may be completed in any home with the word “haunted” in the title.

Can u be a vigilante in BitLife?

The Dark Knight Challenge is now LIVE, Bitizens! Players in BitLife’s mobile life sim are being given an opportunity to attempt and become the ultimate masked vigilante in this week’s challenge.

How do you get a black belt in BitLife?

When your character is 8 years old, you may begin training in martial arts. Select Mind & Body from the Activities tab. Select a martial art from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page. It is possible to get either a red or black belt in the same year that you begin training in martial arts.

How do I move to Miami BitLife?

“Immigration” is an option that any player may use to relocate to another nation. “License Hub” is where you need to go “Nonetheless,. Clicking on the “Activities” tab is the next step. It is there that you’ll discover “There is also the “Immigration” option. The next step is to decide on a nation where you want to migrate.

How do you get double platinum in BitLife?

When you sell 2,000,000 copies of a single, you’ve earned the Double Platinum.

How do you become a famous solo artist in BitLife?

As a solo performer, you must begin practising one or more of the instruments listed above. If your parents agree to let you take lessons, you may start at the age of six. Every time you become older, you’ll want to practise.

How do I get Clark Kent BitLife enemy?

Change our status by tapping on his name at the top of the screen. You have the option of either making him a friend or an adversary in the pop-up window that displays. To make Clark Kent your adversary in BitLife, choose an opponent from the drop-down menu.

How do I make my child enemy in BitLife?

Enemies in BitLife may be created Tap on their name at the top of the screen now that you’re in the Friend menu. The person’s profile will be shown as a result of doing so. You should notice a button labelled “Change our status” at the very bottom of the screen. To modify your connection with the individual, tap on it and choose the enemy status.

How do you do the Lex Luther challenge?

Reading, studying, and going to the library are all good ways to keep your mind sharp. Business degrees are required, as well as further study within the sector. It is certain that you will end up working in the business sector and ultimately ascending to the position of Vice President and finally CEO.

Is it possible to be a twin in BitLife?

In Bitlife, if you and your spouse have decided to have a family, you may use Artificial Insemination or IVF to have twins. To do Artificial Insemination, you must be a female character. You may ask your spouse whether they’d be on board with IVF if you do it.

Can you date more than one person in BitLife?

There are a number of different types of lovers in fiction. One lover at a time is fine, but you can link up with someone else, and they can hook up with someone other. If you do anything that undermines the relationship or if they do it out of their own cattiness, they may dispute with you from time to time.

How do I get a billion dollars in BitLife?

Become a well-known actor and make commercials and product endorsements on social media to earn one billion dollars. The more homes you buy, the more money you’ll make as you age. The value of these homes will rise as they become older, and you may sell them for a lot of money by doing so.

How many lottery tickets do you need to buy to win in BitLife?

There is a choice between purchasing one ticket or purchasing 10. Buying a lottery ticket is a way for a player to win a lottery jackpot reward. Before purchasing a ticket, the reward is shown and is at least six figures. If the player wins the lottery, an accomplishment may be achieved.

What does the lucky dice do in BitLife?

Dice with good fortune (You have a better chance of winning if you play the Lottery with these!)