How do I get my enemy named Clark Kent in BitLife?

Change our status by tapping on his name at the top of the screen. You have the option of either making him a friend or an adversary in the pop-up window that displays. To make Clark Kent your adversary in BitLife, choose an opponent from the drop-down menu.

How do I become an exorcist BitLife?

To work as an exorcist, all you have to do is locate the position under the ‘occupations’ menu. The tricky element about this is that it will occur at random at some point throughout the life of your character. In order to get a full-time work, you’ll need to keep getting older.

What happens when you buy a haunted house in BitLife?

“Spirits” tab and a hauntedness metre appear when you purchase a haunted residence. A list of the spirits now inhabiting your home will be shown if you click on this page. You may either exorcise or summon a ghost by opening its profile.

What is the last belt in BitLife?

When it comes to Bitlife Judo, the highest rank in the sport is a red belt. To get a red belt in Bitlife, you must first learn Judo. In order to become proficient in Judo, you must train in the martial arts included under the Mind and Body tab.

Can you master a martial art in BitLife?

In BitLife, becoming a martial arts expert is a cinch, and it’s good for your character. It’s not only possible to learn martial arts in a year, but it has a significant impact on your character’s athleticism and contentment as well. Both Judo and Karate are required skills for the Demon Slayer Challenge.

How do I make enemies into BitLife?

Go to the Relationships menu on the main screen. This will show all of your connections, including those with friends and family. Make a choice now: which of your friends would you rather see as an enemy? You may learn more about someone by selecting the three dots next to their name.

Can your child be your enemy in BitLife?

Clark Kent in BitLife is a cinch to build with this free tutorial. There is no other choice than to pray that the RNG delivers you a random character with this name, and that requires too much luck to depend on. So essentially, all you need to do is conceive a child, give him the correct name, and then turn him against you.

Can you be God in BitLife?

You must spend $2.99 (a one-time purchase with real money) to activate God Mode in Bitlife, which is not part of the Bitizenship membership. You may alter a person’s name, look, and traits in God Mode, allowing you to take on the role of god.

Where is Clark Kent in BitLife?

In BitLife, there are two methods to run across Clark Kent. The first method is to discover a character called Clark Kent by chance in the game. Despite the fact that it’s quite difficult to come across someone with this name, you may always take a risk. In the second way, Clark Kent may be added to a character that has been created.

How many followers do you need on BitLife to be famous?

You’ll go viral with various post kinds at random, so there’s no rhyme or reason to this journey. On platforms with over 300,000 followers, you will get the “famous” tag!

What careers can get you famous in BitLife?

Actors and actresses, musicians, writers, social media influencers and professional athletes are just a few of the characters that may today become famous for their work in video games. In addition to gaining notoriety, being related to a royal family will make you a household name!

How do I make my BitLife famous?

Becoming a social media influencer is the most straightforward way to become a household name. You may do this by signing up for any of BitLife’s social media channels and posting often, as well as engaging with your fans. To become more renowned, you need to publish more often and engage with your followers on social media platforms.

What rank is an E9?

Major-General Sergeant (E-9)

What’s the highest military rank in Bitlife?

E9 is the highest rank you may get if you join the military as a new recruit. If you are sick of military life and want to pursue a job, you may do so and subsequently retire. You can even opt to go AWOL.

What rank is higher than Captain?

a military rank that is above captain and below major. It is the lowest rank on a field-grade scale..