How do you challenge the Belko BitLife?

It’s a simple matter of hiring a Hitman for the job. For a contract killer, choose the Hitman, then select any marvel or supervisor you like to have slain. To accomplish the Belko Challenge in BitLife, you must eliminate a colleague and a supervisor.

What is the V challenge?

It’s easy to finish the V challenge in BitLife if you start by establishing a male character in the United Kingdom and following the procedures outlined below. Related: Flee the Country Achievement is the best way to flee justice in BitLife. All of Your Goals.

Can you still complete BitLife challenges?

As long as a player has an Internet connection, they may finish any current tasks.

How do you become CEO BitLife?

What It Takes to Become a CEO in BitLife. Business school is required before one may become a CEO. Create a character that is at least 18 years old when you begin. High school graduation is expected by this time, so either take a break or apply to college.

How do you get promoted on BitLife?

Adjust your Working Hours so that they are fewer than the required number of hours per week that you are meant to put in for a promotion in BitLife. Just keep working harder at your profession and you’ll ultimately rise up the ranks.

How do I start a riot in BitLife?

The first step to starting a riot and escaping prison in BitLife is to be put to jail in the game. Your first task in jail will be finding and clicking on the riot option under “prison activities” after you’ve been transferred to the large house. After you confirm that you want to start a riot, you may click on riot.

How do you become a barber in jail in BitLife?

Shave your face properly! It is necessary for BitLife gamers to discover the jail jobs option and pick the job of barber as their prison job to work in prison. A jail barber is born when a potential candidate submits an application for a barbering position in a correctional facility.

How do you escape a riot BitLife?

Escape from the Jail During an outbreak of violence The Riot option is included in the Prison menu. Afterwards, you’ll play a game of Snake, in which you’ll have to navigate the room while avoiding obstacles and rescuing other convicts from harm. You’ll have to be on the lookout for and evade police as you go about your collecting.

How do you assault your best friend BitLife?

When this pop-up displays, choose ‘Assault your closest buddy’ to start the attack. After that, you’ll see a menu that asks you to choose your move and where portion of their body to target. Before launching an attack, you must first choose a move and a target.

What is the highest paying BitLife job?

Careers with the Best Salary. BitLife’s highest-paying jobs are Lead Actor and Singer. The fame bar, which can be utilised to make a lot of money, is a common reward for both of these vocations. The jobs themselves pay well, but you may also get fame by writing a book, filming a commercial, or posing for a magazine cover photo via the Fame option.

Do you ever win the lottery in BitLife?

In Bitlife, how can you win the lottery? The jackpot in Bitlife can only be won by purchasing more lottery tickets. To win the lottery, you have to keep purchasing tickets. You may purchase 10 at a time to hasten the winning process.

Who is the owner of BitLife?

“BitLife” is a mobile life-simulation game developed by CandyWriter LLC and released on September 29, 2018.

How do I improve my BitLife performance?

You just need to locate the action under the task tab in order to work harder. The more you use this, the more likely you are to get promoted each year. As a result, we suggest performing it at least once a year.

How do you become an actor in BitLife?

In BitLife, you must begin acting lessons at the age of eight if you want to be a movie star. The Mind and Body tab will be unlocked and the Acting Lessons option will become available to players when they reach the age of eight. However, you must first re-roll your character’s appearance in order to give him or her a good start.

How do you get promoted in army BitLife?

It’s as simple as completing deployments and using the work hard option under occupations after you become an officer. If you want to survive in the military and advance, you’ll have to complete deployments, which are like mini-minesweeper games.