How do you level up in line play?

It is common for the improved item to have a distinctive motion and look. Go to the list of Gacha Shops and choose the Gacha with a UPGRADE tag from there. You can upgrade if you have all the necessary stuff. When you hit the Upgrade button, all items you were using to upgrade will be removed.

How do I find my old line play account?

LINE PLAY accounts are irrecoverable, so think twice before erasing your login credentials. No, the information from your Facebook and Twitter accounts will only be utilised to access LINE PLAY. Only one LINE, Facebook, or Twitter account may be connected to a LINE PLAY account.

What are smiles used for in line play?

Atelier Shop purchases, Blueprint purchases, and Bag expansion all need Smiles, which you may earn in a number of ways. It is possible to get these items via various quests and events.

What does fairy dust do in line play?

To summon a random Gacha from LINE PLAY’s past or near future, you may use Fairy Dust in Gramma Wizzy’s cauldron!

Does line play delete inactive accounts?

If an Account has been dormant for more than a year after its last activation, LINE has the right to remove it without prior warning to the relevant User.

What happened to line play?

On February 25th, it was shut down. The only game currently accessible at the LINE Cafe is Fruit Monsters. It is possible for players to win unique stuff for their homes and wardrobes.

How do you get a main pet in line play?

– To access the Pet Shop, go to your room and press the menu icon. – Tap MORE > Shop > Pet from the home screen. After placing its associated item in your room, a cute pet will come to visit you. Line Play version 4.0 or later is the only one that can have pets.

Is line play safe?

BEWARE. Please remove this game immediately if your child has it on any devices! This game isn’t appropriate for your youngster, and he or she is in grave danger because of it!

Can I have 2 LINE accounts?

When using the LINE app, you can only have one LINE account per device (iOS or Android) that has been loaded. In order to protect your LINE account, LINE offers a variety of security measures.

When was LINE PLAY created?

Beginning on November 21, 2012, LINE PLAY was released officially on December 12, 2012.

How old do you have to be to play LINE PLAY?

If you’re 13 or older, you may use Facebook, Twitter, or your LINE account to sign in to LINE PLAY. With LINE PLAY, you may create an avatar and start a conversation for free. There is an option for in-app purchases.

Do people still play line play?

More than 75 million individuals across the globe are enjoying LINE PLAY! 1.

Is the Zepeto app safe?

You may use Zepeto to build and personalise a 3D version of yourself (or an original character or celebrity) and explore IMVU-like worlds where you can snap photographs and talk with other users. Although the app is simple and secure to use, I feel compelled to inform you of some of the software’s drawbacks.

Is LINE a Chinese app?

Japan-based Line Corporation and South Korean-based NAV CORPORATION are the two companies behind the service’s operation. In Japan, NHN Japan, a Naver Corporation affiliate, debuted Line in June 2011.

Can you get hacked on LINE app?

A hacker posing as a friend has requested a user’s phone number and verification code on many occasions, according to complaints received by LINE.

Fake emails and websites with disturbing material should not be trusted. People who clicked on links emailed to them by someone purporting to be from LINE have had their accounts compromised.