Why can’t I find California in BitLife?

You must establish a new character and pick the United States of America as your nation in BitLife if you want to be born in California. To discover the cities in California, you’ll need to scroll down to the bottom of the list and choose Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, or San Jose.

Where is the best place to live in BitLife?

Saudi Arabia is one of BitLife’s most financially secure nations since it has no income tax and no inheritance tax (until there is a new update UTNU).

How do you live in California in BitLife?

The United States and a Californian city of your choosing are all you need to do in this scenario. This includes Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and San Jose in the video game. A Californian-style upbringing is assured from there, and it will work every time.

How do I move towns in BitLife?

“License Hub” is where you need to go “.. The “Activities Page” will appear when you click on it. You’ll see it there “”Immigration” as an option. After that, you’ll need to decide on a new city and a new nation.

What is the richest country BitLife?

In BitLife, which nation has the most money? Here are a few pointers. Saudi Arabia is the most financially stable nation in BitLife since it has no income tax and no estate tax (until there is an upgrade).

How do I marry royalty in BitLife?

Marriage to the royal family is another possibility. To achieve this, you’ll need to raise your character’s age to the point where they’re mature enough to date. Open the Activities window and click Love. While it’s possible to meet someone who is royalty while out on the town, it’s quite unlikely.

How do I move to New York BitLife?

BitLife’s Emigrate option, found under Activities, is where you’ll go if you want to change cities. The only other option is to leave the nation you’re presently in, but that’s the only true method to get out of town. Moving to a new city isn’t an option.

What city is New Jersey in BitLife?

When creating a new character in BitLife, you must pick the United States of America as your nation of origin. Then, under location, you’ll want to scroll down to Newark, New Jersey’s second-largest city.

How do I flee the country in BitLife?

In order to emigrate, find the option under activities, choose a nation, and then press the confirmation button. In BitLife, you will be able to achieve the Flee the Country Achievement after you leave the country.

What is the highest paying job in BitLife?

Careers that pay the most. BitLife’s highest-paying position is either Lead Actor or Singer, depending on your skill set. Having either of these professions will give you access to the renown bar, which may be utilised to unlock a substantial salary. Fame allows you to publish a book, shoot a commercial, and pose in a magazine, all of which have big salaries.

What sport gives you the most money in BitLife?

Professional Footballer is one of the highest-paying careers you can have.

Where is England in BitLife?

If you look at the list of countries, you’ll see that England isn’t included there. England is a part of the United Kingdom, therefore you’ll want to start your character there. To be safe, I would start in London, which is located in England.

What can you do with God mode in BitLife?

God Mode is now available for Android devices. It costs $4.99 to purchase. Bitizenship does not include this functionality. BitLife has a feature that allows you to customise the name, appearance, and attributes of every character in the game as many times as you want, with the exception of skin tone.

How are you born into royalty in BitLife?

To become a member of a royal family, one must be born into one or marry into one. Unfortunately, it’s a risk. However, moving to one of the top nations and establishing a new life there is the greatest option.