What’s the richest country in BitLife?

Which nation in BitLife has the most money? I’ll provide a few pointers. Unless an update is made, Saudi Arabia is the most financially stable nation in BitLife, since there is no income tax and no inheritance tax (UTNU).

How do you get a coworker fired in BitLife?

You have the right to report someone to HR if they retaliate against you by spreading rumours about you or playing practical jokes on you. Every colleague has a Report to HR button under the Occupation tab, which may be accessed by clicking on their name. HR should terminate them if you succeed in this.

Can you become President in BitLife?

Players in BitLife may choose from a wide range of professions. Some of them are professions, such as fireman or doctor, but others, such as commerce or politics, might be a career path where you start at the bottom and work your way up. BitLife’s highest rank is that of President, which is the game’s ultimate goal.

Why is TI an actor in BitLife?

Starting at the age of eight is necessary if you wish to become a BitLife movie star or actor. As soon as your child reaches the age of eight, the Mind and Body page will include Acting Lessons. But first, you’ll need to reroll your character to guarantee that he or she has a good appearance.

Why am I losing money in BitLife when I have a job?

In the event that your character is imprisoned, you will be out of a job and your relationship status with everyone would be negatively impacted. Even if you are incarcerated, you will be required to make payments on your debts. To put it another way, you’ll lose money and have no way of making up for it.

How do I meet rich people in BitLife?

Find someone to love by clicking on the “find someone to love” option next. There will be a “Dating App” option under this tab. When you use this activity to look for potential dates, it will display the same money figure along with the other statistics you’ve selected.

How do you become an enemy on BitLife?

Friend menus are accessed by selecting someone’s profile picture and then selecting “Add Friend”. The friend’s name may be clicked on to access their profile. The Change our status button may be found at the bottom of the page. Afterwards, choose the enemy status to alter your connection with the individual.

How do you become born into royalty in BitLife?

To become a member of a royal family, one must be born into one or marry into one. Unfortunately, it’s all a game of chance. However, moving to one of the nations listed above and establishing a new life is the greatest option.

How do I become a Bitionaire?

A billionaire is a person with a nett worth of $1 billion or more, according to the definition. This means that after you’ve paid all your obligations and sold everything you own in order to get $1 billion in cash to pay them off, you are a billionaire.

How do I invest in BitLife real estate?

Real Estate in BitLife: Buying, Selling, and Renting. You’ll want to invest in real estate after you’ve accumulated a substantial amount of money. Investing your money instead of keeping it in a savings account does nothing for your financial well-being. If you can afford it, get the most costly item you can and pay for it in full up-front.

Can you become royal in BitLife without God Mode?

Create a new character if you don’t have god mode and select a nation with a monarchy. It’s possible that your character is descended from royalty at random. To become a king or queen, your character must be born a prince or princess.

How much is Candywriter worth?

Earn-out incentives may bring the total value of the contract to $195 million. BitLife developer Candywriter has been purchased by Stillfront Group for $74.4 million from Miami-based BitLife creator Candywriter.

How do I make an enemy child in BitLife?

We’re going to show you how to disrespect your children in this tutorial. You just need to choose the insult option by clicking on them in the relationships tab. One of your characters will make a harsh comment about the person they are harming, in this case your children.

How do you get a promotion while working less than expected BitLife?

It is necessary to change your Working Hours in BitLife such that they are fewer than the predicted number of hours per week that you work in order to get a promotion. Once you’ve pushed them out of the way, all you have to do now is work harder in order to rise up the ranks.

How do you get BitLife sacked?

Easy method of dismissing someone from their job. Better still, be pranked or ridiculed by a coworker after you’ve made nice to your boss (seduced them effectively). To get rid of someone like this, all you have to do is report them to their supervisor.