How do you get yarn in Merge matters?

Silk balls are used to create the yarn in the game. Once the player has reached level 6, they will be able to get this ball. You may obtain it there as a moth. In order to prevent yourself from doing it more than once, dump the XP form of the moth on the merging.

How do you get a bee in Merge matters?

Watering can seeds produce blooms, which in turn produce bees. It doesn’t matter how much water and seed you mix, just one seed will emerge from the mixture each cycle. You’ll need at least 16 seeds to get to the point when the bees are born. A flower produces three bees, and each blossom can only be used once.

How do you get wood planks in Merge matters?

Harvesting Wood Logs from Enchanted Stumps Level 2 and above may be done by touching the Woodsheds in which they are kept. You may use them in the Buy Shop’s Build Menu. Merge or gather by tapping. [[Build Menu]] [[Waste Wood]]

How do you get scissors in Merge design?

This sewing kit was only accessible for a few days after an expensive needle was purchased on a flash sale, and scissors are nowhere to be found. To progress to level 5, you must get these goods from nowhere else.

How do I make furniture on Mergedom?

Once you have a Tree, you may start combining your Acorns to generate Logs, which you can then use to construct Furniture.

How do you get enchanted wood in Merge magic?

Luna’s Shop (Levels 2-8) sells Enchanted Stumps, although they may also be obtained as level rewards and found in Royal Chests, purchased, or harvested from Glowing Plants. Harvesting them for Wood Logs, which are required to purchase the majority of the structures in the Buy menu, is an option beyond level 1.

How do you get wood in merge friends?

1 Create a Soil Pot by combining a small bag of soil. 2 To make a tree, combine the soil in the soil pot. It’s time to merge all the wood from the tree into one big pile of wood. 4 Create Furniture using the Wood Creator!

How do you get wood to merge dragons?

Make a Level 4 Dragon Tree by merging all the Dragon Tree seedlings together (a “Vermilion Dragon Tree”). These may be harvested by dragons and used as wood!

Do you ever enter the house in Merge mansion?

As the game progresses, players will be able to access additional areas where they may work to make new items.

How do you get the makeup tools in Merge mansion?

The Lindsay’s New York Story Event’s Reward Item is Makeup Tools. The Car Hood Ornament may be made from Lindsay’s drop from level 4 forwards. Makeup Tools are no longer needed and may be sold to save up storage space after being used to create Car Hood Ornament.

How many levels are in Lindsay New York story?

This game has a maximum level of 21.

How do I create a coin tree in Mergecom?

By combining your max-level empty jars, you may create a coin tree. When you reach the fifth level of the currency tree, it begins to generate gold coins.

How do u make a sandwich in Mergedom?

To toast a sandwich, you first need a toaster. Your toolbox will generate level 1 toaster components if you touch on it.

How do you make a cookie jar in Mergedom?

To begin creating a Cookie Stack, you must first construct a Mixer. Cookie dough may be made by combining all essential components. Tap on your Mixer to create cookie doughs, then combine them to create cookie trays by tapping on them.

How do you get glowing plants in Merge magic?

Water is the first step in a cascade of events that culminates in the creation of glowing plants. Enchanted Stumps may be gathered from Glowing Plants at levels 2 and beyond. Improved Treasure Chests may be obtained by levelling up your Glowing Plants.