Stacking Papyrus Scarab with other summon-boosting equipment is a great idea if you are looking to maximize the amount of damage you get out of your summons. The scarab will increase both minion cap and knockback, which are both great effects for your summons. Moreover, Papyrus Scarab can stack with all other summon-boosting equipment, including Necromantic Scroll, and it won’t have an impact on non-minion summons. The total summon damage that you get from your summons will increase by 98%.

Stacks with both its ingredients

This new summon accessory stacks with the Necromantic Scroll. It grants you 15% more summon damage and an extra minion when equipped. It also increases your maximum summoned minions by one. The papyrus scarab is a great item for any dedicated Summoner. It can be crafted at the Tinkerer’s Workshop with a Hercules Beetle or Celestial Stone and a Moon Shell.

You must have defeated Plantera to obtain the Hercules Beetle, a post-plantera accessory that boosts the damage of all minions by 15%. This item is easy to get and stacks with the Papyrus Scarab. In addition to increasing the damage of your minions, it also increases their knockback. Stacking the Papyrus Scarab with both of these items will help you maximize the damage and capacity of your minions.

Increases knockback

Papyrus Scarab is a Hardmode accessory that increases minion damage by 15%, provides extra summons, and gives you one extra minion. It also increases minion knockback. It also increases the maximum number of minions you can summon by one. Papyrus Scarab can stack with other summon boosting equipment. This item is a must-have for any dedicated Summoner.

This item can be crafted using Terrara resources. It increases the damage and knockback of summoning weapons by 15% and spawns one extra minion. It stacks with Hercules Beetle and Necromantic Scroll to increase your total damage output and knockback. To use Papyrus Scarab, you must equip a Celestial Shell with wings. It can also follow enemies off-screen.

Increases minion cap

The Papyrus Scarab is a Hardmode accessory that grants one additional minion and 15% more summon damage. It also increases minion knockback by 15%, and it increases the max number of minions a Summoner can summon by one. This item is not available for other classes, but it is highly recommended for Summoners who want to maximize their minion cap. But there are several other things to consider when buying this item.

Papyrus Scarab stacks with the Necromantic Scroll, which also increases minion capacity by one. These items are both listed as items to equip together. In addition to increasing the minion cap, they are also good companions for each other. Papyrus Scarab can be equipped with the Necromantic Scroll to get more minions for less money. Combined with the Necromantic Scroll, they are one of the best items you can purchase for your Dungeon.