What depth do diamonds spawn in Subnautica?

There are various shale places around the Aurora Base where players may locate diamonds (562,-111,170). To get these items, players will require a radiation suit.

Is there diamond in the Lost River Subnautica?

It’s a good thing the Lost River is an area where diamonds are easy to come by. Diamond veins, which are much easier to spot and are almost certain to contain diamonds, may also form in a deeper part of the game.

Where do you find shale outcrops in Subnautica?

A source of raw minerals, the Shale Outcrop is a harvesting node. Sea Treader Leviathans may unearth it from the deep. Except for the Safe Shallows and the Kelp Forest, it may be found in almost every biome.

Is there a Reaper Leviathan near the Mountain island?

A mountain island has reapers, but that is all there is.

Where do Reaper leviathans spawn in Subnautica?

In huge open places like the Crash Zone, Dunes, and Mountains, the Reaper Leviathan is an aggressive leviathan-class fauna species.

Where can I find Lifepod 5?

Randomly placed in the Safe Shallows biome, near the map centre, is Lifepod 5. (coordinates 0,0,0). Occasionally, a huge species may shove the lifepod into the radiation zone, although this is very unusual.

Where are Cyclops fragments?

To name a few: Hull and Engine parts (Mushroom Forest, Sea Treader’s Path, East side of Mountain Island) (Aurora, Crag Field, Crash Zone, Mountains, and the Underwater Islands Wreck, East side of Mountain Island)

What is Aerogel used for Subnautica?

It is made with the help of the Fabricator, an innovative material. Gel Sacks and Rubies are used to make it. The Prawn Suit, for example, incorporates it into its design.

Where is the best place to find sandstone outcrops Subnautica?

In biomes such as Kelp Forests and Grassed Plateaus, as well as on rare occasions in the deepest Safe Shallows Caves, it may be discovered. The material contained inside Sandstone Outcrops may be obtained by breaking the outcrops.

How do you find shale?

Sandstone and limestone are common companions of shale. Deep-ocean floors, shallow sea basins, river floodplains, and desert playas are just a few examples of places where they might occur as a result of mild carrying currents compacting mud, silt, and other sediments.

Where is the Sea Treader Leviathan?

This species of leviathan is known as the Sea Treader Leviathan. As well as at the Grand Reef and the Sea Treader’s Path, small herds may be observed grazing about the area.

What is under the floating island?

Subnautica’s Floating Island is a one-of-a-kind island ecosystem. It’s south-west of the Aurora, if that helps any. Ancient Floaters situated underneath the island provide all of the structural support for the massive continent.

Are there leviathans in floating islands?

Above the Grand Reef, the floating island is home to two phantom leviathans. One of them is often seen quite near to the surface of the ocean.

Are mountains safe Subnautica?

Magnetite is often found in the vicinity of hydrothermal vents, which may be found on the rocky mountain ranges that make up the Mountains. The Mountains contain seven Reaper Leviathans, so proceed with extreme care.