Are there codes in ninja legends?

This may be exchanged for 1000 chi using darkmaster1000. Get 15 minutes of auto-training by using ecpitrain15. Auto-training for 15 minutes is available with the promo code roboninja15. Redeem this code for 500 gems: christmasninja500

Where is the infinite void crystal in ninja legends?

The Blazing Vortex island is where you’ll find it.

What rank is golden sun Shuriken legend?

In Ninja Legends, the Golden Sun Shuriken Master is ranked at the 31st position. It has an x150k (150,000) rank multiplier for 700 Qui (less if you have certain components) coins. The Mystical Island is permanently accessible for the player at this tier, and does not reset when the player reaches a new rank.

What are gems used for in Ninja Legends 2022?

At the moment, gems serve no use.

How do you get Shadowstorm in ninja legends?

Bladerunner, a Skyblade pet in Ninja Legends, is the SHADOWSTORM. The Shadowstorm tier is where this pet comes from. Skyblade Legends Pack may be purchased for 2499 Robux at Packs Shop. For those who have the Eternity Storm Element, all of the stats will be multiplied by 1.

What’s the best element in ninja legends?

When this article was written, the Blazing Entity Elements were the greatest in the Ninja Legends universe. As a result, the maximum degree of mastery is required for this Element’s outstanding multiplier and extra pet slots alone, which makes the slog to the top worthwhile.

What is the most powerful pet in ninja legends?

Ten identical Infinity-Lord pets unite to produce Chaos-Titan, which possesses stats ten times greater than those of its Infinity-Lord form.

Where is the secret pet orb in ninja legends?

Orb of the Shadows Take a trip to Planet Elemental. Explore the area beyond the teleport pad to find Shuriken City, the starting point of your journey in Diablo 3. A tower, three boost rings, and an island floating in the sky should be visible. Jump across to the floating island/training area through the boost rings.

How do you get the swift eclipse bunny in ninja legends?

The Swift Eclipse provided the material for this At a cost of 15Qi (quintillion) Chi, the Ultra Shockwave Crystal may hatch a Skyblade pet named Bunny.

What is the last island in ninja legends?

The game presently has 20 islands. A complete list of each important item may be found here, as well as the order in which they are listed. As of the most recent version, you begin on Enchanted Island and end on Inner Peace Island.

What is Dragon evolution Form V?

The 38th level is Dragon Evolution Form V. The elements update included it. The Dragon Evolution Form IV comes before this one, while the Cybernetic Electro Master comes after it. With and without the lighting element’s 2x increase, the rank multipliers are indicated.

What happens when you master an element in ninja legends?

However, players will retain their pets, Chi, Shurikens, Karma and Souls as well as the bonuses they gained through mastering an element. This means that all element boosts stack and that players may have numerous elements.

What are gems for in steam?

Booster Packs may be made from Gems for any game in which you are qualified to receive them. With the gem quantity needed inversely proportionate to the number of distinct cards in the set, this costs 400-1200 gems every pack.

Where is the Zen master in Ninja legends?

The Zen Master NPC was added to the game in 2021’s last update. The Island Update has moved him to the Dragon Legends Island. Souls and Gems may be exchanged for Chi/Coins.

How do you glitch awaken Nighthunter?

The Secret Glitch Crystal, which requires 1Oc Chi per Crystal, may be opened to receive this pet. This gem may be found behind the Eternal Boss arena, on a little island in the middle of the ocean. The GLITCH: Awakened Nighthunter has a 1% chance of hatching from the crystal.