In the pilot season of Ninjago, a group of six teenage ninjas formed. They were led by the strongest character, Lloyd. The others are Jotaro Kujo, Kai, and Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon. Which of these characters is the strongest? There are many theories about the strength of each character, but there are three that seem to be the most consistent. Let’s explore the differences between these characters.

Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon

As the only son of the dark lord Garmadon, the future leader of the world, Lloyd strives to become the greatest villain ever. His quest is motivated by his father’s freedom from the influence of the Overlord, and he is happy that he is free of the Overlord’s influence. However, his gold ninja power has turned him into a target for the Digital Overlord, who has been trying to control the Lego Ninjago series since its inception.

After completing the first season, Lloyd and his friends are called to help the Ninja defeat the Overlord and rescue the ninjas. Unfortunately, the Overlord survives the battle and is disguised as a computer virus, planning to escape and turn into the Golden Master – an ancient creature with powers similar to those of the First Spinjitzu Master. Lloyd’s plight forces him to hide with his father Garmadon, who trains him to balance power and avoid being killed.

The main protagonist of LEGO Ninjago, Master Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon, is a Green Ninja and the current leader of the Ninja. He is the son of Garmadon and Misako, and the grandson of the First Spinjitzu Master. Garmadon was introduced to the world in the first season of the series and has grown up to be one of the strongest characters in the series. He appears in the original series and the movie.

Jotaro Kujo

Jotaro Kujo has the highest level of power of any Ninjago character. This ability is known as the “Gold Experience Requiem” and allows him to modify everything around him. With this ability, Jotaro can teleport, summon bolts of lightning, manipulate minds, and travel dimensionally. The strongest version of this ability is the Gold Experience Requiem, which forces enemies to start over from zero.

This ability grants Jotaro the ability to block time and rewrite history. It allows him to possess the same power as the Heaven Ascension DIO without ever changing his appearance. Jotaro meets with Josuke Higashikata and Angelo in Episode 17, and he also appears in the post-credits scene of Episode 17. In Parts three, four, and six, he is prominently featured, and is mentioned in the Untitled Stand Chapter within Part 7.

His voice actor Daisuke Ono has a vast library of roles in other cartoons and games. His voice is very powerful and he has done the voices of numerous characters. Jotaro Kujo is the strongest character in Lego Ninjago and is known to be a formidable opponent. This article will discuss how Jotaro Kujo can be used to defeat the dark forces in Lego Ninjago.


The anime and video game feature six teenage ninjas and a wise sensei, Master Wu. The team’s purpose is to battle against evil forces on a mysterious island. Ninjago City is a crowded metropolis populated by numerous supporting characters, villains, ghosts, and nindroid armies. In addition to the main ninjas, fans can also meet several other characters who share their powers.

The characters are all portrayed with strong and intimidating moves. Kai has an excellent balance between strength and aplomb. His powers are similar to those of Iron Man. His flight can easily overcome most opponents, even those with superior strength. He is also the oldest brother of Nya, who is the only member of her family left alive. Kai’s ability to fly is based on Iron Man. His acrobatics, fire, and metal cannons have all been inspired by Iron Man.

Morro: The first student of Master Wu, Morro possessed Lloyd and gave the ninjas a good fight. His evil inside is apparent and he’s not as fun and exciting as his outer appearance would imply. But unlike Morro, Skylor’s voice is grating and dull and makes him unlikable. He can also be purchased for 150,000 studs in Level One: Chen’s Island.